FĀQ - General Questions (For Customers)

  • Do you accept partial payments?

    Ṇo, we don’t offer any partial payment. Once pundit accepts your booking request, you will receive a payment link. You have to make the full payment as per terms and conditions.
  • How to identify the number of hours for each puja services?

    When you have selected a pundit and you can see all his puja services and no. of hours accordingly.
  • Do this puja includes material support?

    Yes, you can opt for include material support for our puja.
  • What are the Puja Materials will be provided by our Purohit/Pundit?

    If user opts for Material Support, our Purohit/Pundit will bring all the kind of puja materials like Coconuts, Kalash, Dhoop, samith sticks, Navdhanya, rice, dravyas, ghee, darba, Camphor etc which is used in Puja/homam. Also you can discuss with Pundit on any extra Puja materials.
  • Can I pay Extra Dakshina to our Purohit/Pundit?

    Ās per our terms and policies, you don’t need to make extra amount as dakshina as this will be already included in your puja service charges. Still if you wish to pay extra dakshina, we will not stopping you. It’s all your wish.
  • Pundit Travel Charges with in the city limits?

    If the pundit traveling from very far from your home location and If it’s out of city limits (maximum 20 KMS), then only you need to pay the extra traveling charges, which you can ask with the Purohit/Pundit after booking confirmation.
  • Do you have Multi Language Puja Support ?

    Ās per your booking, you will find the list of purohits with their language support. If you have any specific language pundits, you have to filter on language and search our pundits.
  • If delayed by Purohit/Pundit?

    Most of the time our Pundits will be before the given time, but sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances pundits will be a bit late but they will reach your place so you can be assured they will come. Please try to call them directly and get contacted. We are not responsible if Purohit/Pundit is not on time. Also, you can rate them based on their performance.